About Us

Specials Namibia is a e-marketing tool that puts all of Namibia's leading Merchants Specials under one roof.

A simple yet effective tool that enables the consumer to compare specials on a daily basis.

With "Push Notification" Build right into our Mobile App you can be sure never to miss a special offer again.

With Mobile Apps changing the landscape of consumerism in just a few short years by becoming the preferred tool for communication, research, navigation, entertainment and just about everything else. Namibia needed a way to make shopping for the consumer more convenient and economical. We created a Mobile Application "Specials Namibia" and a sister website "specialsnamibia.com" to fill this need in the market for both the Merchant and the Consumer.

No more searching for all those printed catalogues, lying around somewhere. Specials Namibia is right in your hand available 24/7. Helping you to save time and money.